Focus on One Thing for Success

Focus One Thing Success

Do you start something new just as you get tracking on something old? You’re not alone. Often referred to as having an idea fairy on your shoulder, it’s normal and natural to find a greater sense of joy chasing new ideas with new potential rather than old ideas that have reality attached. But you don’t need to be someone who can’t focus on just one thing. You can learn the skill of singular focus to achieve a greater level of success in all areas of life.

Accelerate Your Typing Speed – Fast

Type Faster

Do you type slowly with two fingers? Do you agonize over large amounts of copy editing? Do you try to delegate long typing tasks? You’re not alone. The vast majority of people I’ve come across, even in our technologically advanced world, are slowpokes. The last time I tested my typing speed, it was 120-130 words per minute. Want to know how you can do the same? Implement these 3 strategies below and you’ll be blazing trails in no time.

Increase Your Mental Toughness

Increase Mental Toughness

Without a shadow of a doubt, there is no single mental capability that can have a greater impact on you reaching goals than mental toughness. Things happen. Things are always happening. Rarely do those things that happen come only in a form of blissful wonder and amazement. Most often, the things that happen to and through us are full of difficulty, challenge, and unexpected outcomes. People are complex and the world, full of people, takes complexity to new heights. If you want to stand out and be in a high percentile of people who can set, reach, and exceed personal goals, you must increase your mental toughness. Here’s 5 ways you can become a mental obelisk.

The Single Proven Principle To Improve Your Writing

Improve Your Writing

Search the topic and you’ll find countless tips, tricks, and strategies to catapult your writing to the stars. But like you, you’ll find yourself scratching your head wondering which technique, if improved, would have the most effective impact. Let me clear up your confusion right now. If you continue reading this post, you will know without a shadow of a doubt how to become an excellent writer. This is the single, most important principle you need to focus on to step up your writing game. Are you ready for it?

Improve Your Writing With Tension

Writing With Tension

Do you enjoy being involved in tense situations? Probably not. In fact, human biology instinctively seeks to reduce or eliminate tension. Think about how you feel walking into a stressful job environment or how blood rushes to your palms in traffic when someone cuts you off. How about walking into that final test for class and feeling unprepared, knowing you’ll pass or fail based on the outcome? All of this is tension. In life, it’s no fun. But in stories, tension is where the magic happens. 

The Only Publishing Trend Authors Need to Know

Publishing Trend for Authors

Publishing Trends, which is quite the company name, consistently describes various trends in the publishing industry and recent deals going down all over the world. Pretty impressive and worth your while to check out. As an author, it’s important you are aware of what books or markets are hot right now and which aren’t. With industry trends constantly changing and then changing back, you must remain grounded in the one trend that never changes.