How to Create Major Characters from Scratch

Create Major Characters from Scratch

Curious how authors create incredible leading characters from out of nowhere? Well, be curious no more! After reading these techniques, you will be able to create brilliantly believable characters your readers and listeners will love. In fact, you will want to re-visit some of your old characters and give them a new paint job. Leave the boring, one-dimensional characters to your competition.

Write Picture Books Without Being Preachy

Write Without Being Preachy

Teaching through stories has been around since the dawn of communication. Although when that dawn occurred is hotly contested, what isn’t contested is that stories are excellent methods to communicate a message. They are so excellent, in fact, writers often abuse them by being too preachy. What this really means is that the lesson or purpose in a story, especially in children’s books and even more so if it’s a picture book, should be subtle. Does this come natural to you? Probably not. But it can, if you implement these 5 techniques.

Communicate More Effectively

Communicate More Effectively

You and I fight for many things. Life. Love. Liberty. Happiness. Leftover pizza. At the heart of it all, is communication. And not just any communication. Effective communication. Do you understand the power of words? Do you fully grasp the importance of communicating your thoughts effectively? Take a walk with me for just a few minutes and find how you can become a master of communicating effectively.

Accelerate Your Typing Speed – Fast

Type Faster

Do you type slowly with two fingers? Do you agonize over large amounts of copy editing? Do you try to delegate long typing tasks? You’re not alone. The vast majority of people I’ve come across, even in our technologically advanced world, are slowpokes. The last time I tested my typing speed, it was 120-130 words per minute. Want to know how you can do the same? Implement these 3 strategies below and you’ll be blazing trails in no time.