The Only Publishing Trend Authors Need to Know

Publishing Trends, which is quite the company name, consistently describes various trends in the publishing industry and recent deals going down all over the world. Pretty impressive and worth your while to check out. As an author, it’s important you are aware of what books or markets are hot right now and which aren’t. With industry trends constantly changing and then changing back, you must remain grounded in the one trend that never changes.

Interview with Author Debbie Dadey

Welcome to the stage, author and co-author of 166 traditionally published children’s books, Debbie Dadey, a former teacher and librarian. She lives in a log cabin in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, with nature to inspire her writing.  Her first book, co-authored with Marcia Thornton Jones, Vampires Don’t Wear Polka Dots turned into the series, The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids.  Ready, Set, Goal! is the newest in Debbie’s Mermaid Tales, a multi-cultural series from Simon and Schuster.   Each Mermaid Tales book has an enchanting story couples with non-fiction components where readers learn about ocean creatures and plants.  To learn more about Debbie as an author, please visit her website; like her at; and follow her on

Interview with Illustrator Katy Halford

What a cool job I’ve got interviewing amazing people like Katy Halford. Katy is a children’s book illustrator and also works in art licensing and commercial markets. Her love of drawing started when she was small and she continued to study ‘the arts’ at school, and then went on to graduate at Loughborough University with a degree in Illustration. She is currently working with various publishers on children’s books. When she isn’t glued to her seat impressing clients, she likes to go for long walks in the countryside. She also enjoys a good cup of tea and a nice slice of cake. Who doesn’t?! The best way to keep up to date with her work is through Instagram, Twitter, or her website.

Interview with Author Lisa Connors

It’s a pleasure to be interviewing author and science extraordinaire Lisa Connors. She writes children’s books and nature essays in the hopes of instilling the same awe of nature in others.  Lisa loves traipsing around on her 14-acre property collecting ideas and being impressed by her fellow Earthlings.  When she’s not actively writing, she is likely pre-writing (a.k.a. day dreaming) while gardening, cutting wood, mowing, drawing, canning and reading…lots of reading. You can connect with Lisa and see what she’s up to on her blog, Facebook, and Twitter. 

The Power of Positivity

It’s been said that “Positive thinking won’t let you do anything, but it will let you do everything better than negative thinking.”

There is an epidemic in our world today of depression, low self worth, negative thought life, and suicidal tendencies. From what I’ve experienced, these types of behaviors accompany people who think negatively about themselves, others, and situations. By all means, this does not mean bad things should be viewed through some flower-lined glasses. Instead, it’s important to analyze oneself. It’s important to sit and ponder whether we are in control or being controlled by the experiences, emotions, and thoughts of the day.

How To Query Correctly

The inevitable journey for authors and maybe illustrators (although I’m not sure illustrator’s follow an identical pattern) is if they want to become traditionally published, or if they want to secure an agent, they must query. You’ll often notice the Twitter hashtag #amquerying in frequent use by the most hopeful among us. What exactly is querying and how do you do it correctly? Well, read on and find out.