About Me

Rhys Keller

Rhys Keller is an American author and Professional Engineer with a penchant for writing children’s books and science fiction / fantasy novels. His background in writing goes way, way back to the days of Where the Sidewalk Ends, Sea of Trolls, and House of the Red Scorpion. In these books, and many others, Rhys developed an appreciation and passion for the power of words.

After more than a decade managing and contributing to various blogs and businesses, Rhys delved into the world of book publishing. Aside from his own publishing journey, Rhys shares his experiences and advice with other content generators interested in honing their craft. Rhys also interviews others in the publishing industry who have incredible insight to share, work hard on their craft, and are all around neat people to learn from.

Rhys is a husband and father of two young boys. Often seizing the day at 3:30 AM to read, write, or exercise, he has proven for many, many years, that some lack of sleep will not kill you. On Sunday, you’ll find him at his local church where he serves as a Deacon and sometimes teaches adult small group classes.

Rhys would love to hear from you and help you along the way in your journey. Be sure to connect with him on Twitter, @Rhys_Keller, follow his blog, and send him a note.