About Me

Rhys Keller Children's Books AuthorHi and welcome!

My name is Rhys Keller and I run this website. Thank you for taking the time to check it out and learn more about me. I trust you’ve found the content helpful and encouraging.

I’m an American author and Professional Engineer writing mostly children’s books. I tried to quit writing (a couple of times) a while back but soon learned I couldn’t! I love communicating through the written word. It’s my passion to communicate and I hope to write books and articles for the rest of my life.

On my journey, I’ve come across incredibly talented individuals who also write, or draw, or edit, or publish. These hard working people inspire me and many are willing to do interviews. These interviews that I post will give you tremendous insight into the world of book publishing, give you much needed advice, and spur you on to bigger and better things. Do please read them and support the interviewee for sharing their journey and time with us.

I’ve spent more than a decade managing and contributing to various blogs and businesses too. People often ask me for website design, blogging, or social media platform building advice and I invite you to do the same! People is what the people business is all about. What I’ve found is that by focusing on serving others, my own goals are often met and surpassed.

I’m married to a wonderful, witty, hard working woman named Sarah and am father to two young boys, Elliot and Hudson (with a baby girl on the way!). I set my alarm clock to 3:30 AM every single day of the week and eagerly rush out of bed to read, write, or exercise. You may find waking up this early disturbing but I LOVE to seize the day!  Some lack of sleep will not kill you, I promise! On Sunday mornings, you’ll find me at my local church where I have served in various roles and sometimes teach adult small group classes.

I would love to hear from you and help you along the way in your journey. Connect with me on Twitter @Rhys_Keller, follow my blog via the email subscription button on the sidebar, connect with me on LinkedIn @RhysKeller, or send me a note.

I wish you every success!

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