New Year New You

New Year New You

What a cheesy slogan. “New Year New You” cascades from every motivational speaker this time of the year. You know what the problem is with this phrase? It’s true.

I’ve never come across anyone who wouldn’t do things differently if given an opportunity to step back in time. Why be that person? You don’t need to live like that. Human nature often settles into comfortable habit and those comfortable habits are often the things we most regret when looking back over the course of time.

Allow yourself to be different this time. Allow yourself to pop your own comfort bubble. Stretch yourself into areas of growth, parts of your life that desperately need your focus. For many, it’s their health. All year long, maybe all life long, they’ve let their body and mind slip into a pattern of regret. How’s your health? Would you change anything? Would you exercise more? Maybe eat a little less fat and sugar?

For others, it’s often neglecting opportunities. They come in many forms, whether it be business ideas or untapped skills. Maybe there’s something you’ve been considering pursuing but you simply haven’t put time to growing it. Well, this is your chance. This is your season. It’s time to just do it. It’s time to get it going.

Take a step in the right direction and pursue the opportunities. If you need encouragement or support, maybe help along the way, send me a note. Send someone a note. We all want you to succeed! Here’s to a New Year and a new you!


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