Endings Are Beginnings

Endings Are Beginnings

The end of a year always catches me by surprise, just like Christmas. Even though we have so much time to look forward to it and prepare, time simply moves too quickly. My wife and I have two boys and at this point one is a bit over 4 and the other a bit over 1. Whether you’ve got children or not, or are married or not, your life is likely filled to the brim. And that issue takes us full-circle to the end of the year.

But while the end of the year is no where near as climactic as the end of a movie, it’s a powerful reminder. It reminds us that just around the corner is a New Year, a fresh start, a new beginning. Have you considered what you would like to focus on most in the New Year?

I recently tweeted my New Year’s goals, so I won’t write about them here. I encourage you to spend time developing your goals. Really developing. Don’t be vague about it! Seriously consider an attainable, measurable goal in the following areas:

  1. Spiritual
  2. Relationship
  3. Personal
  4. Physical
  5. Mental
  6. Financial

You’ve got all year to pursue these goals. Remember, those who have a plan are far more likely to reach a level of success than those without a plan. Don’t let the next 365 days fly by.


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